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very glamorous i not? argument 8 hangers and use the bag to give someone whether it be a stuffed animal or anything else.3 >>host: gloria thinks the way i think because i the banks to. that is what i am saying i will buy the hangers heat and for me and in the bag zen-like beautiful for gift giving put something else in here. pajamas or slippers are anything.collar absolutely! i have to have the bag if i give someone a gift that will tell them what back. [laughter] >>guest: there you go. >>host: these and the bags to keep 3 gifting with. you can use these. collar it is gorgeous! that is a great thing to do your round. >>caller: have a different bag for every season. >>guest: that is a great bandeau! ok i did not think of that.
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>>caller: they are gorgeous! >>guest: this should not be the only day you can get this. >>caller: i have your sunglasses for different pairs, i just look like everyone says so look at her! >>guest: i am so excited. well i am going to tell you you picked the right moment because within this next few minutes that is it is over! >>host: we all that bag is gorgeous. you are getting 36 huggable hangers in this set. with free shipping. >>guest: i want to show you what that gets you.there you are seeing it. what you are not seeing is the beautiful tissue that comes
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with it. this is where you are getting--what you are getting from where colleen is to where i am three dozen hangers . that is a closet full of hangers. they create space like nobody's business. your clothes will not fall off. if you give them to the receptionist who gets you into the doctor's office, neighbors, a teacher. at this price, think about anybody could give. it is such an elegant are talking beautiful velvety and metallic bag that has gold and silver tie a tag that is silver and gold 2 m from.the tissue, four pieces. --to and from kelp glamorous gift they will think my goodness, (...) they will thank you because huggable hangers is the most phenomenal product.the number one selling product at
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hsn. >>host: 400 million sold. it did not make a lot of people happy would not be the best- selling product on tv. this just happens to be the most affordable way to get home to for $10 plus the bag, tissue, the hangtag. it is all set. for gift-giving or like our last caller gloria she once the bag. whatever you want to do. [laughter]-- pick. >>guest: even the imitator they say we will give you a beautiful gift bag. >>host: less than 100 left in each color. >>guest: my gosh. let me go through all the colors. i have all the gift bags in front of me. rfast,t is a white shirt on a black velvet hanger. no problem.if you see this whole vista it looks like santa was here. >>host: it looks
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like it'll satna sack.--looks like a little >>guest: this is black, this is the chrome hooks. that is the bag it would comment. come in. espresso brown, white diamond, olive green, linen burgundy hot pink, turquoise, sapphire blue, a jump that. lavender feel, purple orchid, some of the newer colors. lemongrass colonial blue cognac my gosh. i do not know which one i love better. navy, emerald green, great for the holiday season. steel gray. you will smile when you open your closet. young adults canary yellow ruby red.
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ruby red, i will bet that is going like hot cakes. >>host: we are down to a few hundred of each choice. whether it is chrome or brass, that is the color hook, and then take hair color. you do need to decide because we will start losing colors. --hanger color. if your first choice sells out they are all obviously fabulous to go to your next color. if you have your heart set on a color you should call now. >>guest: the ruby red with the chrome hooks. the silver bag if you get with the brass hooks the gold. just choose your color how simple?--gold bag. it used to be a day if it was 36 hangers it would6 c13 $36. it would not even the bag. make no mistake about the value.the
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velvet drawstring and the metallic. >>host: and we were not doing free shipping or $10 to get them home, never more affordable. is colleen and joy. >>caller: how are you? >>guest: you think it was worth it for us to get in trouble to do this? >>caller: ha ha ha. and the body mess of them for my daughter. my mother was here--and i bought a mess of them. my mother was here and she thought my hangers $5 apiece. i have black with the chrome hooks.kept shaking it and it would not fall off. she said those are the neatest hangers i have seen. so i thought, for $10 (...) >>guest: how could you not? it is your mother! >>caller: the bag, i am thinking to order some more so i could
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have the bag. >>host: we all want the bag. >>guest: i will tell you in the next few minutes that will be it. anybody who is here it is almost guided thing. you are fortunate.his is when we do it. this is the time of yearuggable hangers are one of the number one gift items along with my little steamer. like your mother, how thrilled will she be when you give her these hangers? >>caller: my gosh! she will think i had spent a fortune. >>guest: you need to give it to her in the bag, , no! >>guest: i will not cheat mother. >>guest: --come on now >>caller: you know joy i have just about everything you make. i recently got four of little steamers. >>guest: it is like love and marriage with the huggable hangers. i promise you i will
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be here designing for a long time. colleen and myself will be here and will continue. happy holidays! >>host: how cute. she is trying to think what to get mom. c13 cute. >>guest:f problems if you do not know what to get somebody. >>host: if you are getting them for you you have extra bags, or somebody else or you could keep the bag and they will never know. but all work is done for a that is why this is brilliant.$10 to get them home just like the last caller saidwhy not? i think we still have all the colors and and that is subject to change. >>guest: all these people. you have to please be. >>host: go to tablet or ipadtelephone, shop-by- remote.however you need to do it. i
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would do it now we are not doing it again next hour tomorrow. this was just one time for you tonight to make an extra special holiday. it is the last big hurrah of the year.the last big huggable hanger set. >>guest: of the your the committee last big huurah. >>host: we will enjoy ourselves while weekend.we have mirijam who is in washington. -- while we can. >>guest: how are you? >>caller: just fine. >>guest: did you get this amazing value $9.98 to get 36 huggable hangers home and the holiday bag? >>caller: yes i did, it is for me i am not giving any of it away. >>guest: [laughter] >>caller: i need to organize my closet. >>guest: i am missing something this is the holiday season mirijam! [laughter] that is a
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problem when a product is this good you do not want to give it up. >>caller: you do not. i already started huggable hangers in my closet i organize the whole thing and got the purple.i got the purple again and i cannot tell you how happy it makes me to look at my closet. >>guest: it is. >>host: it makes your day when you go to your closet you are more organized. do you find you have a lot more room because the hangers take up so much less space? >>caller: absolutely and i love nothing falls off! i have seen other types of this hanger yours of the best because they are very sturdy. >>guest: thank you. there is a science to them in the imitators i cannot speak for. but they are imitators so that says something. >>caller: yes it does your hangers are wonderful!! >>guest: happy
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holidays and i guess you are getting a gift bag for yourself as well. >>caller: [laughter] [laughter] >>host: the yugo mirijam thank you. --there you go. gorgeous! we know we love6 c13 hangers. the bag is a really special added bonus. >>guest: look how big it is. to fit 36 hangers. you put echo in here and give it as a gift.--a coat >>guest: i do not think i have ever seen this many people on the telephone number. call now do not miss out because i think it goes away when we do. >>host: it does. it goes away when we go away. [laughter] >>guest: i am not going there. if you are going to part with it as a
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gift do not forget about the guys.from their suits, shirts. you your husband colleen, if you are fighting over hangers, give him a gift.1-36 pack in the color he wants. >>host: purple sold out, go to your next favorite color. >>guest: we still have ruby red? >>host: we will track. they are in the hundreds in terms of choice. we will check surprise? black. but it looks so beautiful. it looks so clean. >>guest: i do not think there is any way to get more elegant closet.if you know young adult and you are not sure what to get them get them huggable hangers. if they are in collegewith somebody you knowyour hair dresser. a gift to give them, (...)and
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this is what you call a slam-dunk. >>host: a sure bet. >>guest: i start getting calls and my familyextended family. he did not need to worry about anythingi want huggable hangers for christmas. --you do not need to >>host: it makes shopping easy, once you give them hangers they will want them every year.simple as gift to give. join us all work for us, it is packaged. for me that is like the thing that takes the longest. i love the shopping cartpa she even gave us the gift tag and the tissue paper. it is ready! even if it is for you, i want to get a couple sets i literally need13 hangers even though i have hundreds. the whole house is huggable hangers. for
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you, i love the bags. save them for other gifts, for you to put things in. to organize your closet. >>guest: a great shape for any thing, if you got somebody a nice sweater or blanket. for young adults, if you got them a teddy bear or something you could put them in here. >>host: we are ti about a way to keep the bags for ourself,clearly designed for gift- giving but we are all like i want my own bag. >>guest: they are gorgeous. >>host: [laughter] it is the seizing o season of giving (...) >>guest: [laughter] you put double the is under your tree it is full already.--you put a couple. instantly it looks beautiful. >>host: right, the
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tree is up and there is nothing underneath. >>guest: who has time to wrap anything? there is no wrapping involved. drawstring, you are done. >>host: penny in ohio is girl after my own heart.sets >>guest: how are you? >>caller: great. >>guest: do you have huggable hangers, what do you think?did you ever think you would hear colleen lopez said you could get it home for $9.90? >>caller: no. >>guest: neither did i. >>host: are you shopping for you or gifts? >>caller: they are for my three kids that i take care of. we need hangers in a small apartment.we love it. now you are
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in a big house full of kids and it makes laundry day so much easier. everybody has their own color. everybody can take care of them. >>host: smart mom. >>guest: you are instilling amazing habits, they are not getting frustrated.their clothes stay on the hanger.every member, meal people, i used to kick my clothes and shove the closet doors. --me of all people.whether you put anything wet they never leave shoulder bumps no matter what size. >>caller: we have our summer and winter clothes on huggable hangers. >>host: perfect. penny, we are glad you are watching. >>guest: you are giving them in the gift bag right? >>caller: i will probably use that (...)ost: [laughter] >>caller: %
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hangers right away. >>host: penny! thank you so much. we all want the bags.i want to keep the bags myself.hey are great for gift- giving but frankly they are so adorable and we can see why you are ordering. for $10 we are so busy. we are moving on? oh, i guess we are. i thought we were going to continue. it appears we are moving on. do not hang up if you are on the telephone ordering we will continue your orders. we have a timeout and when we come back we will talk about our best value of the day. thousands of people on the phone ordering. if you are on hold we will continue to take your phone calls do not hang up. your last look at our very best buy final presentation will be coming up. this beautiful luggage,
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extraordinary value. >>guest: picture that, hangers. >>host: we will keep you posted. >>guest: we see you out there we will get to you. >>host: right back after thiso not go away. [♪ music ♪] >>host: welcome to the spotlight. make sure you mark your calendars for tuesday december 4th at 8:00 p.m. seven central to go behind the scenes at hsn teabag julienne designer's giuliana rancic on an all new episode of and bill on the style network here is a sneak peek. --g by giuliana rancic [commercial]
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>>host: rancwill be back december 3rd on hsn. now you know what is going on on hsn. [commercial] [commercial]
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[reading] [reading] [♪ music ♪] [♪ music ♪] >>host: this is it. final chance almost 19,000
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spoken for.the majority have been spoken for. >>guest: down to the wire. >>host: i think one of the most beautiful sets you have done. for the value, over $507 of value. you are getting six pieces. >>guest: look how gorgeous. >>host: i love you called your paris trunk-show. if you are international traveler chic luggage is something you almost need to have. >>guest: to find chic luggage you need to spend very high prices. this is exactly the opposite. he will get even better than how chic because the padded system of dresser and pieces that make so much sense. -- patented. for him or you. you are getting so much and you are paying the price of one piece of clothing forlife
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time set of gorgeous gorgeous genuine leather accent trunk spile luggage it is lightweight colleen. that is important to get across. --styler luggage >>host: the french style luggage that inspired this is heavy before you put anything in it. and this is all gorgeous nappa leather. thick, durable, sturdy and it gets better with age. blog you have this the richard this will become. --the longer you have this the richer it is just beautiful, soft to the looks so high end and so incredibly expensive and clearly it is not. $31.99 to get it home on your credit card. free shipping. i have to tell you many colors are limited. pick your favorite color. red is limited
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chocolate most popular. i love the coffee latte. what ever call you have your eye on this is the last chance. >>guest: you can see that pebbled faux suede. this is a richer look at it was all of the first pieces of luggage i got pebbled suede and leather accent and i paid almost $1,000 for it and it was the carry-on just a few years ago. you probably know one of brands i am talking about. what are you getting? a mobile dresser, trunke. gorgeous leather accents, creamy vachetta. unbelievable leather handles, top, sides everywhere. metal accent's, lightweight, super high tech frame it is structured yet
10:24 pm
lightweight. you get a deep front compartment you will see i will pull out boots, jackets. you get the mobile dresser when i opened it you could work out of it like a bureau although you could wuse it like a regular suitcase. >>host: $239 for that one piece! and that is only one part of this 6 pieces. >>guest: here it is in black that barrel-tote.there is everything you get. [reading] >>guest: the commuter garment bag, so many people that is becoming so popular because people do not want to get a separate heavy garment bag any more. then you are getting as well the travel organizer. that is the travel version of the better beauty case. luggage clothes to put that around your mobile dresser glycation shower- cap if you want to
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check it does-like a shower-cap the cuff id the full book toiletry are getting so manyfold up like you are leaving something you wanted to take. for him and her. >>host: there you can see the value, $507.90. it looks like thousands of dollars. and again, just the piece that inspired this piece right here was a bag joy has that her daughter's got for her it was $500. this is valued at $ a couple thousand dollar bag, no question. that is chocolate by the way. >>guest: we are calling it the barrel-tote do not think you just need
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to use it when you travel.this is my handbag everyday let me tell you. quickly to colors appear black, beautiful deep teal absolutely gorgeous! next to that the chocolate brown which i will tell youif you want that it is so hot. >>host: top seller. >>guest: that makes you feel like you just put yourself in a store in paris. then the coffee which brings you back to the sense this is so new and chic and trunk style yet old and vintage looking. this is durable but it gets better as it wears. >>host: if you want chocolate brown we are down to the final few hundred. that will be the first to sellout for sure. i know a lot are getting limited but because chocolate has been selling so fast (...) if you have been on the fence all day, spend your
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$31.99, free shipping.when you get it home you will probably wish you had another set, that is how nice this is. i was watching from3 and thought it look great. when i came in the studio and saw it and touch it i was freeaked. i flipped when i saw it in person. there is something about it that does not translate well inon tv. the richness of the leather.this nappa-leather, heavy-duty nice leather handles. this is really really good luggage! >>guest: and a 10 years warranty. >>host: and the good housekeeping seal. >>guest: and, it is lightweight. as rich as it looks remember, it light weight and not heavy. lipstick red. c13 different personality with the creamy vachetta
10:28 pm
leather. look at it with olive green. how gorgeous? and the perfect purple everybody. remember you get the commuter garment bag so you can use purple orchid hangers a sapphire blue hangers in the denim blue or navy. how beautiful? you are getting luggage, i cannot tell you. i am an and i said you know what? i travelled from the west coast to the east coast and have probably seen every piece of luggage i will tell you, i almost hope you have been looking for luggage because (...) it speaks for itself. my gosh. liz she looks like she has stepped off of a jet or private plane from paris. >>host: i have been leading towards the chocolate but what i see her with that black luggage (...) gosh. >>guest: that is not your
10:29 pm
black luggage. >>host: it is so sharp! it is the first time i have so luggage with joy where i think this is for him or her. some of it is a little bit more female with the croco-embossed but this truly has such a rich look that my husband would totally carry this, my sons would carry this. >>guest: my son is a lawyer in new york city he does not check luggage. he was like i want the black. i was like ok. you are not getting it yet. >>host: it is very classy. my son is a huge international traveler, same thing. and they are picky. they want to look nice.if you are shopping for your son or grandson or a son-in-3 they traveled little bit, this is an incredible gift. >>guest: or the
10:30 pm
husband or men in your life. >>host: for us, you can see how classy this looks. >>guest: the black is pretty. >>host: it is hard to pick. >>guest: i want to open up the browned. this becomes your trunk. -- you could take the drawers out and lay it down like itor regular suitcase. i have boots slippers. you can fit so much,2500 cubic inches of storage capacity. then you zip it up so you never need to pack or unpack when you go anywhere. you get the shoulder strap for the barrel-tote. luggage cuff. it snaps on the handle and even on your if you want to. then you get the hanging toiletry bag we put
10:31 pm
a carry-on luggage. and you get the luggage clothes to put over this 22" dresser muddy you do not want to get dirty.then you get the commuter garment bag that is 4 ft. long almost when it opens up. >>host: valued at over $100. you could barely by the garment bag for what you get the whole setguest: if you are traveling to a holiday party and have a sequined dress, you cannot put it on carry-on?. what you do when you have that piece of clothing traveling on business and i have a cocktail dress to wear.this answers that. >>host: i carried my clothes to work every day but what are we carrying them in? this is brilliant. >>guest: and that is a bonus. >>host: free basically. this
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$195 you cannot by any single piece.6 c13 the clothes-it-all is a $240 apiece10 years limited warranty and you get for $31.99 on your credit card.this is why so many thousands order. this is your last look at this. it is joys final today's special of the year. last year you get a paris collection and i think this tromps that. >>guest: [reading] >>guest: interior designersgo to find it to put in homes. this is so. really you will say, i got the best buy in town in the world in luggage. the ease
10:33 pm
of use is so important as well. we want to hear from all of you. % believe we are getting limited on a couple colors. >>host: if you want chocolate we will be calling it gone shortly. use express ordering on that for sure.know what is funny? as i look at it i love the red, green, if you love purple (...) people will be stopping you in the airport. people will stop you and say what beautiful luggage,where did you get that luggage? when you see somebody carrying luggage like this, it upgrades and your whole luck. >>guest: like buying a new car. --look if you know somebody who travels often they probably carry on everything because they know how frustrating it is to lose luggage or wait for luggage. you what a value in these last moments
10:34 pm
to get this. is exclusive, no where in the world. the patented design a mobile dresser. earned the good housekeeping seal. the durability, the quality, 10 years warranty. i promise you. you could go out now and shop and i did not care what sale you get you will not get the quality and all this leather. this beautiful pebbled suede. if you could come in really close. let me turn this so you can see how absolutely unbelievable that is. >>host: this is like that french blue that designer does a collection. >>guest: you cannot the this up. >>host: whether resistant. you get caught in the snow or rain this white to write off-- wipes clean
10:35 pm
expensive and upscale, the is this is made to be used. it the work force. you may choose to use this even when you are not traveling. -- workhorse because i do not like carrying a big heavy bag. look at the nice long i love this bag. this is an amazing bag. >>guest: i like is so much i made it! >>host: if it was just this $159 it would be ideal. >>guest: that could be one gift, the carry on another. the commuter bag another, the role of beauty know anybody would be thrilled to get any single individual piece and you get them all. $31.99 and we pay to ship it to
10:36 pm
you. if you do not touch it and feel like and you yourself will say (...) oh my gosh! the value proposition is incredible. >>host: if you could please use express ordering we are so busy. there is no way on or express ordering. -- no you spend $31.99 spent $10 and the representative will prompt you if you want huggable hangers. i would love recommend you spend the extra $10 and get a set of hangers as long as you are waiting many people are doing both. hangers and luggage. this is the final presentation as you know3 which we have thousands of people trying to get them.the hangers offer goes away after our show. if you are thinking about it,
10:37 pm
pick your favorite color. a lot of people have come back to order a second third set of luggage. multiples which is not a surprise. it is such a great value. >>guest: you are just getting one big case of luggage. you open it up, you do not need to on packet. you can use it like a regular suitcase but this is so much better. and pack it. you are getting a designer bag. you are getting the commuter back neck the roll-up toiletry organizer so many things you cannot find anywhere else.ita is
10:38 pm
fromcaller: c13 everything you said just happened to me. i was going on a trip to, i cannot even see howsay how much it was 10 times as husband is listening. >>host: my husband who lectured me last year i got an expensive barrel- tote. he said that was way too much money to spend on a piece of luggage. >>caller: one piece! when i saw this i could not believe it. everything you said happened to me. so i got out of this resort and of course i got other things >>guest: i will tell you, those days are
10:39 pm
done. when they come back to us i will show you maybe it was worth the through that because you will appreciate this luggage! >>caller: i did not even needed! it! >>host: [laughter] >>guest: what you will need it, you will not want to use the other piece. >>caller: i will use the barrel-tote for a purse. >>guest: i will get a billion e-mail's to make this by itself. >>caller: know you do not need me to back you up but i will tell you everything you said it happened to me. >>host: joy always says it, we are all alike. we share these experiences. >>caller: get on the property
10:40 pm
of this resort and of course it was the most expensive thing. >>guest: do i know what you said.13 feel for you. but you have got such a great value that outweighs all that. and i bet that did not. >>host: anita thank you so much. how many of us could relate to that? you get to the destination, you need another bag because your luggage is full and then you spend a fortune the bag maybe you did not like that much but you needed something. she is getting this for back up. she said additive leave-in need it. --she said i do not even need it. >>guest: it is so gorgeousnot forget this is a piece of carry-on luggage, light weight. this is the
10:41 pm
paris trunk-show collection. this is the carry-on22 in.. look at this gorgeous creamy vachetta leather and genuine leather. straps on the top and side. >>host: 400 of the red left. >>guest: you could philip b. roll- travel organizer with jewelry. --fill up you can put your silver in some.i want to open up this this is a carry-on you will forget it is a carry-on and the patented system of a mobile dresser. i could take them out and i still never have to have my close touch anything. and then i can unzip this and this is your hanging toiletry organizer. i made the pouches big enough so you could put your bathing suit in here your lingerie, pantihose because we do not want anything to get ripped. this
10:42 pm
is big i made it so deep. and, you can even put if you are going to warm,cold,imans hood. i did not even fill it to capacity. you did not need to bring a piece of checked luggage you can put all in the carry-on because it is made told so much. you to engage itself repairing zippers and the structure. --attend! 10 gauge >>host: even if you check your luggage i have had it lost and you probably have. it is a nightmare. even if you checked luggage you need to carry extra carry-on stuff. your makeup of clothes, toiletries. when you get to your
10:43 pm
destination heaven forbid they lose your luggage it happened to me once and cancun mexico, i was stuck for two days with no luggage! that is why i bought a house down there because i do not need to bring my clothes. >>host: there is one option. do we get a house or a set of luggage? seriously. the truth is you want luggage you can get your stuff. you can have an extra pair of shoes toiletries your blow dryer, all that stuff. have been carry it on. even if you check another piece of luggage you still need this and the functionality. this is something many of you will use for work for a teacher is a dream.3 files, books. students. anybody, cosmetologists somebody who needs to take things with them. >>guest: teachers
10:44 pm
who are taking papers >>host: burning out their shoulders. >>guest: --tests you do not carry anything. it is either crossbody or wheeled. c13 threw my back out it was from shopping and holding bags. i do not do that anymore. if you are looking at features and benefits. >>host: for this value add we are in the final chance. the final few moments. there is a clock on your screen. pick a you want. chocolate, last call red last call. i am in love with the coffee latte. it is so pretty.i think the black is so rich.ou could do black, purple, olive,pick your favorite. >>guest: everybody loves black because of its elegance about this makes it stand out. the
10:45 pm
actual act cents on the luggage, that trunk style. -- accents i could say a lot of initials they all have a trunk style collections.. but this is lightweight, it is a genuine, you know i almost said (...) it does like a better than the soft nappa-leather. and that is double sewn like any fine handbag. >>host: like a multi thousand dollar pieces are. and that is the same leather. heavy-duty beautiful nappa- leather. e >>host: ester is from louisiana she has read on the way. >>caller: about the luggage is beautiful. >>guest: this is your red darling.
10:46 pm
>>caller: ng to palm springs california so i looking forward to going to hawaii with my brother in february. i will get a lot of use out of it. my old luggage was in the basement and it got wet and i needed to get rid of it. i have been looking and i turned on the tv and there it was. >>guest: it was guided. you do not even know until get this home how much you are getting. how much you can put itin it. you saw the commuter garment bag the roll-up beauty case is in here. let me find the red one. >>host: you will be traveling in style ester. >>guest: you can even put your jewelry in this. >>caller: i am so excited. >>guest: by the way 10 years warranty. 6 c13 and, earned
10:47 pm
the good housekeeping seal. i want to show you because it looks so rich, one gosh, beautiful. not here to touch and feel it we are trying to get you to know how glamorous yet lightweight endurable at the same time. >>caller: can i see the inside of one? >>guest: let me open the brown. you really did just to an end and said i had to have it. >>caller: right. i ordered it right away. >>guest: --2 in. i want you to see this because itnce. you can use it as a mobile dresser. -- stands 2,500 in. ofcubic inches of storage capacity. i have slippers and i have boots.
10:48 pm
>>caller: wow isee. >>caller: >>guest: blanket pashmena. you would never know this is a carry-on. it holds so much ester. >>host: look at the barrel-tote. all the pockets. i love organize this is. on one side there is deep pockets. you could even put shoes in there. all dyed to match. on the other side look at the nice zipper going all the way across. >>caller: i see. i had to get red because it was christmas. >>host: on the back there is a deep pocket. maybe keeping your boarding pass for easy access. >>guest: high end coming in here because when you go to hawaii with your red bag your red lining this will be you. --i am
10:49 pm
>>host: even have your suntan lotion,your sunglasses. >>guest: we are ready for you. >>caller: ready. >>guest: you got a bargain! >>host: thank you. >>caller: thank you for everything. >>guest: happy holidays. >>host: happy holidays. red how beautiful. whatever color you get i think they are the most rich gorgeous colors he could find in luggage. it is hard to find gorgeouswhen you do it is not $159. >>guest: i registered that in my brain and i say that is what i paid for a sweater or slacks. you are getting luggage for life. everybody needs a carry-on. this is a tribute to the guys you have everything from your toothbrush toothpaste shaving cream, razors
10:50 pm
finally it is not all in one place to gather in a toiletry bag. together. all leather straps on all sides. even on the back. inline skate wheels that are brightest telescopic handle. . if you wanted to use it as a regular suitcase and did not want to use it as a mobile dresser, i do not know why but i tell you you have the option. can take sweaters, shirts more shirts and pants and and more sweaters. i did not even a fill it the capacity. i just wanted to show you the death of the things you can take.
10:51 pm
-3 >>guest: i want to show you something everybody. this front door compartment is very deep so i made a deeper toiletry organizer. ties, boxers, belts, everything. >>host: you will not believe how organize you will be. >>guest: if you did not take the commuter garmentuld still take your garments in that. >>host: just one piece. >>guest: the 22" carry-on. unbelievable! >>host: it is amazing.functional and beautiful this is an affordable. we are down to the final
10:52 pm
couple minutes. we are so in every representative is taking phone calls. $31.99 flexpay and pick a color. if you are tempted you should do it when you get this home and see if you will fall in love even more. it will really love it when you use it. when you realize how amazing it is to travel in style and be disorganized, beyond. we have has black on the way. >>caller: so excited about this luggage. i saw the modelg the black, so gorgeous! >>host: that is what sold me. >>guest: we will model black, are you still sold? >>caller: absolutely. >>guest: what is it about it that time did you? >>caller: it looks so high and--tempted
10:53 pm
my luggage has holes in it. and i like it is a carry on as well. >>guest: and god forbid you want to check it you have the luggage clothes to do us go back to your luggage, the zipper is broken, it has holes in it. zing. >>host: why do we do that? >>guest: is a weird thing. we do not think about it but now you are. until i started making luggage years ago, i used to go out and get, i would get the best luggage i could maybe it lwill hold up the long disappeared it got dirty and scoffed before it would break. --the longest. >>host: liz came back with the whole black look. look how classy you will look your people will be
10:54 pm
asking you where you found that beautiful luggage? >>caller: i love the mobile dresser apart. >>host: part >>guest: you never need on pack you will save 20 minutes when you get there and 20 minutes when you leave. >>caller: i go to my parents' house in florida and i never have run for anything. >>host: we can all relate to that. >>guest: enjoy it. >>host: i am thrilled she got the black which we brought a lot of. as well as chocolate. they are the two #one sellers. chocolate, very limited at this point. in the black as we said still available. i have to say the dealteal it is like a peacock. it is gorgeous! >>guest: we have a lot of turquoise
10:55 pm
lovers out there. i love that combination. >>guest: exactly.if you are thinking about giving it as a gift, can you imagine?you could keep the barrel- and you are giving somebody, you can give them (...) handbag. >>host: the $195 gift right there. d give the carry-on mobile dresser and the commuter garment bag as a gift it depends on what you want to do with the travel rolo organizer. uld keep this.roll- up. normally this is all you get. >>host: even if you did find it it would not be close of all with that organizational system. usually you do not have all this
10:56 pm
interesting, wonderful detail. compartmentlized usually you are digging, digging. this is like taking a little closet with you. >>guest: or literally your dresser with you. the ease of use is amazing. you are going to put so much in here when you carry-on carry-on luggage is an interesting thing. a lot of times the luggage is designed so the actual fixture of the luggage takes up so much space you can only have it be a certain size. i have left everything for you to with what you need to take. >>host: no wasted space. >>guest: i do not know any carry on piece of were the boots are not scrunched if you could even fit it. >>host: usually will
10:57 pm
have to carry our coat where6 c13 boots. how many times do you wear more than you want to? you saw ashi is pulling out coats with fur collars.-- you saw she is usually the carry-on does not allow you the versatility to get as much. that is why we say it is like magic, like a merryarry poppins bag. >>host: has the brown coming. >>caller: i am so happy i came in just in time to get it. >>guest: you did and you got the brown just-in-time. >>caller: and i hear you say it is about to sellout so i got it. my only question to you can i clean it?
10:58 pm
>>guest: it, absolutely. a wet cloth or anything.i do not think you want to bleach it. >>host: do not throw it in the washing machine!a cloth. >>guest: you will be shocked, you probably will not need to clean it. >>caller: i noticed it comes with the luggage clothes. >>guest: exactly pure as any other leather, i will tell you, i have used mine for a year and i did not need to clean it colleen thought it was new.but you could clean it. -- >>caller: i get your hangers a few years ago and i love them! >>guest: you call them in the gift bag. >>caller: i have not yet. but i am looking at them. >>host: we will show you the item number. >>caller: ok. >>guest: you want
10:59 pm
that set. >>host: for $10 on flexpay. >>caller: thank you good job. >>host: she has a the brown on the way. we are almost out of time. >>guest: and out of luggage. over! 20,000 >>host: if you are line. if you what the luggage you are welcome. get your's that whatever you love. the beautiful earrings joy has been wearing. these are herkimer today's special, all the girls have been wearing them.they are coming up tomorrow night at midnight! >>guest: i want to show you thesethey are spectacular.+ i know thinking colleen introduced another piece of this and it sold out (...) >>host: 6
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